Advantages of LED Lamps

Compared with pressure sodium lamps & fluorescent Lamps, led lamps have a number of important technical.


  • Service life of up to 100,000 hours in any environmental conditions, which equals up to 25+ years of service under real street lightening.
  • For example, halogen lamps would need to be replaced approximately 9-16 times during such period, while Pressure Sodium Lamps about 6-9 times.
  • Electricity saving reaches up to 70% in comparison with street lanterns using Pressure Sodium Lamps.
  • Ecological safe. LED street and industrial lanterns do not require any special treatment, as they do not contain mercury, or its derivatives, other poisonous and pernicious elements. LED lanterns possess high mechanical durability, reliability, vibration and change of voltage resistance.
  • Safety of roads is also provided, with better visibility, outlines and depth due to larger contrast (X 400), absence of dazzle effect due to specific light flow .
  • Hygiene norms are observed, with absence of ultraviolet emission, leading to skin cancer .
  • LED industrial lanterns heat environment with lower temperatures, thus making them saving energy from air condition operation.
  • Danger of voltage overload is excluded during switch. Assumed voltage of LED street and industrial lanterns is 0,4-0,6А, in contrast to a 500W Pressure Sodium Lamp 2,2А, and starting current of 2.65A.
  • LED street and industrial lanterns unlikely with HQL & Pressure Sodium Lamps can regulate contrast due to lowing supplying voltage.
  • In addition, LED street and industrial lanterns can be immediately switched on by starting current and without dependence on outer temperatures.