About us

Geonika Led Industries Ltd was founded in 2014 with a view to produce innovating everyday products, capable of saving and generating energy. The target set is to produce high-tech products and at the same time implement new practices for superior use of them. Our company’s experienced R & D laboratories are constantly working for the development of new technologies and cutting- edge products in the following fields

LED Lighting

Professional LED installations for large spaces. Trust the experts save money.

LED lighting solutions

We design produce and install LED lighting solutions. Contact us with your needs for more details.

Smart City Projects

Intelligent systems for municipalities. Urban space control, traffic control systems, and more.

Improve Municipal Services

Smart City Systems enable municipalities to better control and service their areas of responsibility. Contact us for more details.

Smart Parking Projects

Intelligent systems for professional parking spaces control.

Smart Parking

Smart Parking Systems enable parking space administrators to control their parking spaces, improve service and security . Contact us for more details.